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It’s not always easy to reach out for support when we need it, especially when we don't have the words to say. Our app makes it easy, fast and fun to connect on a deeper level with your loved ones - no matter the distance.

George Taktak
CEO of How Mental
It's never been easier to

Take care of your mind & your friends

😊 Feel
Using vibrations, sound and interactive design, now you can easily express feelings; without the need for words.
❤️ Care
Tracking your wellbeing has never been simpler. All the feelings you share are kept in-app for you to review and manage your mental health.
💌 Share
Share a Hug, High 5, Kiss and! That's right, “distance” doesn’t need to stand in your way when you can touch through your phone.
🔦 Discover
Find recommended apps and that can help you manage and improve your mental health day-to-day.

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