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turning feelings into numbers, and numbers into action!

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How Are We gives us a simple way to understand our feelings, connect with others and get the support we need.

But not only that, it gives us the power to make a difference.

By sharing how we feel, each and every one of us contributes to making wellbeing society's #1 priority through the Worldwide Wellbeing Score!

George Taktak
Founder of How Mental
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It's never been easier to

say how we really feel and make wellbeing our priority!

😊 Feel
Describing how we really feel can be tricky - and no, "fine" is NOT a feeling! Check-in using our simple emoji-based slider.
❤️ Care
It's never been easier to track wellbeing with a personal graph of our feelings so we can see what is (and isn't!) helping us.
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💌 Share
How Are We gives our feelings a number from 0 to 100 so you can start a conversation anytime, anywhere.
🌍 Connect
How's the world feeling today? Now we know! Our feelings come together to create the Worldwide Wellbeing Score.

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