Make friends with your mind

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Mental Check-in Workshop

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Mental Check-ins are LIVE workshops giving you the time & tools you need to care for your mental wellbeing.

George Taktak

Life is hard enough as it is

- Let alone in a pandemic!

What do you do when your thoughts and feelings become overwhelming?
Where do you find the strength to reach out for support when every part of you says "I don't want to be a burden"?
What steps can you take to make sure you're really moving forward in life?

Since COVID-19, we are 50% more at risk of mental health problems.

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The 5 Steps to Make Friends with Your Mind 🧠

1. Say Hi to your Mind

We'll start by introducing you to your mind. What is it? How does it work? And why?!

2. Get to know your wants & needs

Every one of us is unique in our journey, get to know your mind personally.

3. Find focus, fuck overthinking

It's easy to get lost in the sea of life, learn how to make mental health your priority.

4. Become balanced by accepting support

Establish and embrace your limits: You don't have to do this thing alone.

5. Join a community of people just like you

Finally, meet people on their mental journey & encourage each other along the way!

Make your mind your priority, today!

We've got just one life...​
Don't waste it pretending you're "fine".​
Taking care of your mind IS possible.
Yes, it takes time, but How Mental is here to help you every step of the way!

We help over 600,000 people take care of their mind

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