Business as usual... but better

We want to help you make mental health a core part of your business

We are not a stuffy workplace consultancy, or a charity here to help you tick boxes.


We believe in doing things that stick in a creative, engaging fashion.

Save Money
Save Time
Save Lives

We believe in working together to tackle this mental health crisis.

Whether you're an advocate, a business, writer, poet, sole-trader or soul searcher... we want to hear from you.

We are living in a mental health crisis and your business has a key role to play

Companies are embedded in ways of working that contribute to poor mental health

Businesses lack knowledge of mental health and often have no dedicated resources

The new generation of workers demand investment in workplace wellbeing as a bare minimum

Companies taking a reactive approach to mental health suffer from high levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.


We are your partner in mental health, helping you make mental health a core value.

We provide an independent, external perspective on business practices’ impact on mental health.

We’re not just interested in your HR processes, we want to help you put mental health at the heart of your organisation.

We establish a proactive approach to mental health to create healthier and more productive teams.

We are a growing community of advocates with the latest cultural and scientific insights into mental health.


We connect you with the right solutions and help you put them into practice.

Relate - We get to know your business, identify your current state and opportunities for growth.

Curate - We reach out to our community of start-ups, charities, companies and advocates to create a suite of solutions that meet your specific needs.

Integrate - We help you implement your new bespoke approach across your organisation.

Together we can

Ingrain positive mental health in your company culture

Promote mental well being through everything you do

Sound good?

Engage with mental health honestly and openly, with care and compassion for all stakeholders

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