The "Spotify for mindfulness”, an Apple-award winning app used by millions to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and sleep better. 

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Who are we?

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Aura helps you manage your emotions, improve sleep, and find peace - starting at just 3 minutes a day.

Aura is “Spotify for mindfulness”, providing thousands of mindfulness meditations, life coaching, and stories from the world's best coaches.

Aura gives you the personalized support you need whether it is stress, anxiety, sleep, or personal growth, and it learns what works for you using a sophisticated personalization algorithm.

Serving over 4 million people (25 million minutes were spent in Aura in 2019), Aura is a “Best of Apple” winner. With 20,000+ reviews and an average of 4.5, it is easy to see why Aura is one of the most popular health and wellness applications in the world.

Our story

Two young brothers, Steve and Daniel, found their passion for mental health seeing their mother go through divorce.

Years later, the bros set out to create a mobile app that seeks to understand each person's unique challenges  and provide personalized support for mental & emotional health. Aura connects people to trusted content from the world's best coaches and therapists.

Aura's mission is to help people create a life-long self-care practice that they love, and ultimately restore the world's emotional health.

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How Mental's Perspective

You know that feeling when you are sat in your favourite place, warm and comfortable, with a mug of hot chocolate, alone with your thoughts?

Welcome to Aura.

We know that life for most of us is hectic, with constant distraction and never enough time for caring for the most important thing: your mind.

Aura is your solution. Take 10 minutes a day to plug out of the world whirling around you, and plug in to your self. You won't regret it.

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