Manage stress and anxiety with Aya, an artificial-intelligence powered wellbeing plan, tailored to your personal needs.

Who are we?

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Aya is a mental wellbeing companion in the shape of a conversational app.

She is available whenever you need her to help you manage stress and anxiety. The more you talk to her, the more she learns how to help you.

Based on your interactions, Aya proposes a personalised plan from her library of solutions. Her tools include talk therapy, grounding exercises, and more.

Aya will always adjust your plan based on your progress, and help you learn to predict stress and anxiety cues before they manifest.

Aya believes that areas not traditionally associated with science, such as meditation, hypnotherapy, and dance, can also have a profoundly positive impact on the human mind. By combining and bridging these disciplines, Aya has the ability to offer continuously improving solutions to your personal needs.

Our story

Co-founder Mandana was exposed to the agonizing emotional and economic hardships of war at an early age. 

As she grew older the trauma she had witnessed in her childhood manifested into a deep desire to help other people, and to specifically focus on mental health.

Mandana’s academic foundation began with physics and psychology and then expanded into the fascinating world of computational neuroscience. She realized that although these disciplines each aim to understand the mind, they often fail to cross-reference their findings.

Aya was born from the belief that by bridging the gap between these often isolated fields, we can radically change the way we approach and understand mental health.

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How Mental's Perspective

Aya is not just a chatbot.

The team at Aya want to shake up the traditional formula of a simple chatbot in a stylish app. They are imagining a world in which you can get guilt-free, tailored support from a tool that really gets you.

Mental health is, after all, personal. So why accept something generic?

Heads up: Aya is in its first phase of testing. Once available to the public, Aya will be accessible 24/7 on iOS and Android.

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