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Ayana Therapy


Online mental health therapy that matches users with licensed professionals that share their unique traits, values, and sensibilities.

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Ayana means “mirror” in Bengali, symbolizing the app’s purpose to match users with someone who can truly see – and understand – who they are.

Members of marginalized communities often get mismatched with medical providers, leading to misdiagnosis. There is historically a strong lack of engagement between minorities and the health care industry, which arises as a result of cost, stigma, and lack of cultural competency.

Ayana Therapy has developed a smarter algorithm to combat this.

Users of Ayana Therapy will take a detailed and culturally sensitive questionnaire that will match them with licensed professionals based on their unique experiences and identities across race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability.

The diverse team of Ayana Therapists can be contacted from anywhere, at any time, and usage is completely anonymous.

Our story

CEO and Founder Eric Coly was always known for unsolicitedly nudging his friends to look for a therapist.

In 2018, he realized that a member of his tribe had real challenges finding a therapist with whom she was compatible. This inspired Coly to develop a concept to address cost, stigma, and the health care system’s lack of cultural competency, which all hinder access to mental health services.

Coly believes that if finding a reflection of yourself in your counselor is what you demand in order to find a safe space, you should be ENTITLED to it. Enter Ayana Therapy.

Coly himself has suffered from very severe and debilitating issues of depression. He knows the value of a product like Ayana Therapy, which is why his mission is to offer a tool that will de-stigmatize, listen, and provide a safe space to every dismissed, neglected, and ignored voice out there.

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How Mental's Perspective

It’s hard to find a good therapist you can really connect with—especially for those from marginalized communities.

That’s why we love Ayana Therapy—a user-friendly app centered around connecting you to a therapist who shares and understands your personal experiences, values, and traits.

Looking to unload but having trouble finding a safe space where you feel comfortable doing so? Look no further. Ayana Therapy is here.

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