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Digital therapeutics tools to support children and young people’s mental health to ensure equitable access to early interventions.

Who are we?

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BfB Labs is an award-winning pioneer using emergent technology to change the status quo in children’s mental healthcare.

BfB wants to equip children, their families, and their carers to securely access evidence-based digital interventions that work and are highly engaging, no matter where they are, 24/7.

BfB currently offers three products:

  • Lumi Nova is an immersive mobile game for 7-12 year olds that helps them build the skills to self-manage their worries.

  • Champions of the Shengha is a mobile game that trains 9-18 year olds in diaphragmatic breathing, helping them regulate their emotions and become more resilient.

  • VitaMind Hub is an online portal for professionals to manage their young clients and track their progress securely in real-time.

Our story

The BfB team know we need a major shift in tackling children’s mental health.

Anxiety levels have more than doubled in young people following COVID-19 lockdown. With children back in schools, children’s mental health will likely be further challenged.

That’s why co-Founder Duncan Brown partnered with NHS clinicians, children, parents, teachers, a BAFTA award-winning game producer, MindTech UK, and the University of Reading, to create the products of BfB Labs.

BfB believes in building future mental healthcare for children today. Their commitment is to ensure that BfB products are not only accessible and affordable, but also treat conditions in an entirely new and engaging way.

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How Mental's Perspective

Know any kids who would rather sit in a therapy session than play their favourite mobile game?

Neither do we. But kids need mental health intervention too.

BfB labs combines the best of both worlds by offering a video game that teaches and builds up children’s mental health. Oh, and did we mention it’s award winning software

Go on, get your kid a new game. You’ll both love it.

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BfB Labs

Digital therapeutics for better youth mental health.


Sound environments for focus, relaxation, and sleep.


Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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