Manipulating sound waves to treat symptoms and improve well-being. 

Who are we?

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Cyn-apps is harnessing the power of binaural beats.

We are the first and only application to transform the scientific method of brainwave entrainment into an easy, functional platform.

Using a range of clinically proven soundwaves we stimulate the neural pathways and deliver a digital dose for a healthier mind and body.

You can personalise your sound treatments using a sophisticated algorithm and track your development for greater visibility and understanding of how to manage your condition.

Our story

In 2013 one of our founders Liam suffered a traumatic knee injury.

A diagnosis of arthritis and chronic pain syndrome later, the avid sportsman was resigned to forget the sporting life he once lived.

Grappling with his mental health issues, Liam chose to find a solution outside of the pharmaceutical methods prescribed by doctors, as his belief was that they do more harm than good.

In his search for alternative remedies, he discovered binaural beats. A friend got involved and the pair began exploring the field of digitally derived media to improve well-being.

Through their search, they discovered an extensive community with a variety of conditions, all in need of a therapeutic alternative where conventional medicines have failed them.

And so, the mission began... to create a tool that was scientifically supported, easy to use and could help others.

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How Mental's Perspective

Still wondering what a binaural beat is? Okay we'll spill the beans. 

A binaural beat is when you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency. Your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies.

It sounds so simple. Treat depression with sound tones? Surely not. But the clinical evidence is there and it's growing.

We absolutely love what Liam, Oliver and the team are doing. We know how new mental health treatment is compared to physical health. A few thousand years behind by our count.

Cyn-apps are an organisation pushing the boundaries to understand how we can better support our minds. 

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