Self-care bullet journal with a goals mood diary & happiness tracker, allowing you to capture your day without writing down a single word.

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Log your daily mood and improve it towards your goals, with Daylio self-care bullet journal.

Daylio records your mood in just two steps: first, you select an emoji that represents your overall mood; then you select the activities you did today. Easy!

The mood emojis are also customizable so you can select the ones that best resonate with your feelings. Daylio crunches the data and displays it in stats, charts, and correlations to show you how your activities influence your daily mood.

Simple, but powerful. This app is incredibly helpful for noticing patterns of behaviour that may inadvertently be impacting your mood.

Our story

Founder Samuel Bednar believes that good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. 

Daylio was created to track anything and everything: your fitness goals, mental health, food consumption, gratitude, and more.

Daylio is built on three principles:

  1. Reach happiness and self-improvement by being mindful of your days.

  2. Validate your hunches. How does your new hobby influence your life?

  3. Form a new habit in an obstacle-free environment—no learning curve. Daylio is super simple to use.

Daylio helps users measure the things that impact their mood in stats because everyone can use a mood boost.

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How Mental's Perspective

Daylio’s concept is simple: tap a button daily to record and track your mood over time.

This free, incredibly user-friendly app has been endorsed by The Guardian, Forbes, Mashable, and Lifehacker. The best part—it only takes about five seconds a day!

Those interested in assessing their mental health condition over time need this app today[lio].

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