Identifying your goals and linking you to a feed of resources that help and prompt you to journal your mood.

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You know those best friends who are always there for you?

They cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh and do what they can to turn crying moments into laughing ones. They’re real, blunt, understanding, and like to have a good time. But above all else, they’re there for you.

DiveThru is that best friend—and they understand, on the deepest level, that life is tough. That’s why they’re dedicated to helping you take charge of your mental wellbeing.

DiveThru helps you dive through your problems in five simple steps.

First, download the app and create a free account. Next, customize your feed by answering a few questions. Third, be guided through the DiveThru method. Fourth, gain some self-reflection from what you’ve learned. Finally, make it a routine by setting yourself a reminder for tomorrow!

The DiveThru app is a virtual journaling app that prompts you on what to write about. It’s the perfect combination of guided breathing exercises paired with opportunities for mindful reflection.

Our story

One day, founder Sophie Gray felt like she was going to shit her pants and throw up at the same time.

This wasn’t merely the work of a virus or bad burrito, it was a panic attack. Just like a heart attack, a panic attack can brew for years and it’s virtually impossible to determine the actual reason for the attack. Gray’s panic attack resulted in her former life crumbling apart, leading to her spending several years putting the pieces back together.

Gray searched high and low for something to help her cope. Once she discovered several helpful tools, she refined those methods into a new tool of self-reflection: DiveThru.

DiveThru wants to help people DiveThru what they go thru because they get it—on the deepest level.

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How Mental's Perspective

A lot of people feel lost when they try to journal.

DiveThru is a supportive, self-growth tool that holds your hand through the virtual journaling process, teaching you how to journal in the way that works best for you.

Not only is it free and customizable, but it’s excellent and easy for those on-the-go.

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Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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