Personalized sound environments based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale, and sound masking, to help you focus, relax, and sleep.

Who are we?

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Endel creates soundscapes that are attuned to the environment you need.

Need to focus? Try Endel’s Focus soundscape. Having trouble falling asleep? Try the Sleep soundscape.

Endel products are powered by Endel Pacific—a technology that creates personalized environments to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity.

Endel Pacific takes raw data inputs from devices and sensors, understands user context, and creates the optimal personalized environment. The technology is designed for quick and easy integrations.

Endel Pacific also works with add-on modules to create personalized multi-sensory environments. Looking for temperature-based sensations? Light-based sensations? Endel’s got you covered.

What’s more, Endel is AI-powered to procedurally generate comfortable, productivity-boosting environments. These personalized environments are tailored to each user and adapt to data changes in real-time.

Our story

We’re not evolving fast enough; our bodies and minds are not fit for the new world we live in.

That’s the philosophy of the team at Endel: a small group of artists and developers who have worked together on lots of digital projects, including the award-winning kids’ app series, BUBL.

The Endel partners believe lack of sleep is destroying our health...yet our sleep cycles that are regulated by the natural circadian rhythm have not changed to meet the demands of our society.

That’s why they created Endel: a tech-aided bodily function designed to enhance our natural capabilities, create a private environment to reduce stress, and help us be more present without even having to meditate.

We need the technology that makes our lives better without us having to do anything. Endel is working on that. Welcome to the future.

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How Mental's Perspective

Have you ever been so stressed you just want to be transported somewhere else?

You can do just that with Endel’s soundscapes. Endel’s personalized platform makes it super easy for users to create the sound, imagery, temperature, light, humidity, or physical-based sensations they want.

The proof: Endel’s Focus soundscape showed a 6.3-time increase in concentration, and 3.6-time decrease in anxiety. Endel is currently partnering with sleep science company SleepScore Labs to optimize their Sleep soundscape.

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