On-demand mental health support, day or night. Chat with a trained behavioural health coach within seconds, meet with a licensed therapist within hours.

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Ginger gets you chatting with a 24/7 behavioural health coach within seconds.

Ginger promises one mobile app for all life’s challenges.

First, Ginger provides you with a real-time behavioural health coach within seconds of opening the app. If needed, Ginger will then schedule video therapy & psychiatric sessions for you within hours.

Finally, your Ginger coach will hand pick skill-building activities that are clinically-validated exercises for managing anxiety and reducing stress.

Ginger believes you deserve incredible mental healthcare, and easy access to that care—no matter where you are, when you need it, or what you’re going through.

Ginger is reinventing mental health care by coupling data science and virtual delivery to provide immediate, personal support for anyone.

Personalized, private care is seconds away.

Our story

Ginger is creating a world where mental health is never an obstacle.

After learning of a loved one’s suicide attempt, co-founder and COO Karan Singh committed to reinventing the way mental healthcare is delivered around the world.

When Singh was young, his mother would brew him ginger tea when she could sense that he was about to get sick. A preventative health remedy that originates from Southeast Asia, the ginger root is commonly used at the first sign of illness, before things get worse.

Similar to this approach, the Ginger system takes a preventative approach to mental health, aiming to address issues before they evolve into greater challenges and providing support anywhere, at any time.

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Ginger is the world’s first on-demand mental healthcare system. If that weren’t enough, the pandemic demand has resulted in over $85 million in funding for the app, ensuring it can continue to provide high-calibre care to its millions of clients.

If you’re not already on Ginger, you’ll want to be. It’s quick, quality care right at your fingertips.

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