Start an audio timeline of your life & track burnout. Encrypted & easy-to-share voice notes.

Who are we?

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Journify is a voice-first timeline app. We allow millennials to record their memories and enjoy the benefits of journaling on the go.

Tap to record your audio journals, organize your voice notes with tags and comments, and revisit or share your recordings via text, Whatsapp or email. All voice notes are encrypted so everything you say is literally off the record.

Journify also lets you track your mental wellness journey with quick sleep, energy and motivation check-ins, and a burnout assessment. Journify’s fun approach to burnout prevention aims at incorporating relaxation methods into our daily routines, while giving us the power of recording our life's journey in real time.

Are you still there?... our lips are sealed.

Our story

Our generation makes the assumption that if we don't have a critical mental health illness, then we're okay.

But the reality is we're all burnt out, stressed, living life at a million miles per hour, and in most cases dealing with regular anxiety. In fact, before COVID-19, 7 in 10 millennials already suffered from burnout, and 50% of them quit their jobs in 2019 due to mental health reasons.

Yes we're an app, but we’re also part of a movement to make mental wellness a part of our daily routine. We eat well, we exercise, we stay hydrated... but we don't do enough to protect our happiness and brain's health.

At Journify we don't believe mental health prevention needs to be boring, clinical, or tedious. It needs to be mainstream, easy and fun.

So, our mission is to beat burnout and get people started on their journey to chill!

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How Mental's Perspective

Dear Diary, why has everyone stopped using you now that we all have smartphones?

It's never been easier to jot down your thoughts and feelings on the go. Our phones have microphones, secure cloud storage, and you can playback your words at your leisure. Diary - I'm so sorry, but I have to let you go...

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