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Who are we?

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Lavender is an online psychiatry and therapy office serving New Yorkers. Our goal is to help you feel better faster by:

  • Quickly responding to phone calls, texts and emails

  • Offering affordable and transparent pricing, listed on our website

  • Providing medication management and therapy in a single appointment, with one provider

  • Allowing online self-service booking

Our story

Our goal is to help you feel better faster.

During these unprecedented times, there is an overwhelming demand for mental health care, but access is limited and expensive. As a team of passionate nurse practitioners who care deeply for our communities, we came together during the Covid Crisis to increase access to mental health services for New Yorkers.

Here at Lavender, we believe mental health care shouldn’t be expensive, intimidating or impossible to access. We are committed to providing care that is backed by science with a team of friendly providers that go the extra mile for you.

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How Mental's Perspective

No more bland therapist waiting rooms, ripped magazines from 2013 and tiny triangular paper cups (what are with those?)

Especially in these Covid times, who wants to travel across town for therapy? Lavender are the answer. They are your online psychiatry and therapy office. Book an appointment, watch a bit of Netflix whilst you wait, receive top quality care and wait for the doorbell to ring when your prescription arrives... all from the comfort of your sofa.

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Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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