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Living Ashram


Whole human health made simple. Removing the guesswork, overwhelm, and wasted effort from the quest for well-being - in one simple app.

Who are we?

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Living Ashram is backed by scientific research and use only the most impactful, benefit-proven techniques. Their mission is to provide easily-accessible tools and techniques, empowering you to create substantive and sustainable positive shifts in your well-being and life.

The app is packed full of practical tools for personal growth, from guided practices in breathing, mindfulness and thankfulness, to articles, book recommendations and info videos.

Our story

We believe in business as a force of positive change, and that those who are able, must stand and give voice to the voiceless.

When we created Living Ashram, there was no question that we would be anything other than a 360 degree ethical, profit for purpose business.

We want to create products and services that empower people to make substantial and sustainable positive change in their lives, while simultaneously uplifting and empowering targets of abuse to live healthy, independent lives. 

25% of all profits are dedicated to targeted programmes at Hestia, Solace Women’s Aid and UK Says No More, to enable women and children to permanently break free of the cycle of abuse and live healthy, independent lives.

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How Mental's Perspective

From the very first exercise, your mind and body will sink into Living Ashram like a warm, comfortable, fragrant bath.

This is not just a wellbeing app with a few short exercises, rain noises and a robotic voiceover. Living Ashram takes you on a wellbeing journey. More than that, it guides you and nurtures you as you learn resilience, acceptance, peace, calmness and focus.

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Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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