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Empowering people to prevent and stop anxiety, pain, medication and substance dependency.

Who are we?

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Recovering from medication & substance dependence is not easy to do by yourself. But what if you didn't have to do it alone?

Lucid Lane are here for you, providing tailored support. From medication tempering plans, to daily monitoring, support groups, coaching and 1 to 1 tele-therapy. It's all there, and it's all yours.

Their program measures and monitors your on-going emotional well being, quality of life, functioning, withdrawal and medication tapering signals. It uses these indicators to work out a plan personalised just for you.

Our story

Adnan Asar’s life changed a few years ago.

His wife had gone through successful chemotherapy for her cancer. But in the process, she became addicted to her prescription medication, a category of drug called benzos.

The couple searched for programs that could help and found none. As an entrepreneur, he decided to take things into his own hands. A team of doctors, behavioral health therapists, and 9 months of hard work later – his wife was through the addiction.

The approach they had taken – checking in regularly with her, providing guidance and helping her taper off the medication – became the foundation for Lucid Lane.

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How Mental's Perspective

You hear a lot of people claim to deliver ‘personalised’ or ‘bespoke’ services.

We’re often left thinking “Yeh, sure – great marketing spiel”. But make no mistake, Lucid Lane walk the walks as well as talking the talk.

Join their program and you are assigned a personal health coach. They will be with you through thick and thin, with daily digital check-ins and regular updates to your personal plan. You can reach them any time and they’ll get back to you with timely and… I would say ‘personal’ again, but I’ve said it enough this paragraph… unique advice.

We love this commitment to individual support. After all, we are all human and when we're going through challenges, we need to be treated like people - not numbers.

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