Stopping the “one size fits all” approach to mental health with live 1-1 video sessions.

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Who are we?

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Therapy, Counselling, Life and Career Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation. All in one place, and all for you.

MYNDUP is stopping the “one size fits all” approach to mental health by offering live 1-1 video sessions across the mental health spectrum.

MYNDUP have already partnered with global brands including TOG, Savills, Premier Miton Investors, Moda Living, LWM and DTRE and have achieved some fantastic results:

  • 4.8/5 average service rating

  • Reduced employee Stress, Anxiety and Depression in 96% of users

  • Boosted employee Confidence, Motivation and Productivity in 99% of users

MYNDUP have a network of world-renowned professional practitioners who are licenced and accredited with a professional body and qualified to the highest levels in their fields of expertise.

They have all been taken through a strict 4 stage vetting process and can help you with a variety of topics and issues including; stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationships, bereavement, trauma, goal setting, career and much more..

Our story

Founder Joel went through his own mental health battle.

He was in and out of hospital for 8 months with an undiagnosed physical illness. Joel tried reaching out to counselling and occupational health in my corporate job but it didn’t help.

He felt lost but did not know where to turn to. After weeks of online research, Joel found life coach Jermaine. His world was not the same again.

After this journey, Joel set out on a mission to help as many people in his  situation as possible and to show the world that there is no single solution to mental health.

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How Mental's Perspective

MYNDUP get it. They just do.

All of us know that mental health is not the same for everyone. We are all unique individuals. We all need different types of support to get us through a mental health challenge.

MYNDUP want to find the right support for you. Whether it's talking therapy, counselling, mindfulness sessions or life coaching. Or a combo. 

Plus, we love what they are doing for the NHS right now. They have launched a volunteering programme where MYNDUP practitioners are providing free sessions to NHS staff during the current COVID pandemic.

Pretty cool stuff, MYNDUP.

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Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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