Seek fairer finance, with an employee benefit to help improve your financial wellbeing and happiness in the workplace.

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Neyber provides exclusive financial benefits for employees.


  • Access your salary in real-time and change when and how often you earn, budget and manage your money

  • Get FREE tools, guides, and tips to help you manage your money better.

  • 4 simple fixed rates with repayments deducted from your salary. Pay off your existing debts and save over £100 a month.

  • Choose from a range of accounts that make investing easy. Start planning for your financial future today with payments made from your salary.

Neyber does the hard work so you don’t have to. Neyber’s Hub is designed to help users become more financially comfortable without confusing you or boring you to tears!

Our story

Neyber believe hard-working people deserve to be stress-free.

Based on Neyber’s research, around two thirds of UK employees currently experience money worries. This not only affects their personal life but it also impacts their professional life.

Over half of UK employees said that money worries affect their behaviour and ability to perform in the workplace.

That’s the reason behind Neyber—an award-winning financial wellbeing provider that helps UK employees be better with their money.

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What’s not to love about quick, easy, free, financial management help?!

All the financial tools and advice you need...all under one roof...

If you’re interested in being offered Neyber, email them and they’ll contact your employer to try to get them on board.

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