Instant relief from stress and anxiety using safe and effective exercises.

Who are we?

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RCube are tired of mental health support that is expensive and hard to access.

They want to use the power of digital to democratise access to evidence based mental health care.


Their first product is an app called Resony. It's your personal guide to reducing negative stress, anxiety and low mood by building positive resources for resilience.

The techniques in the app are based on evidence and use an integrated approach towards stress and resilience by addressing both mind and body.

Expect to find breathing exercises, CBT based content, physical activities and much more. 

Our story

Ravi and the team have seen first-hand how challenging it can be for people to seek help.

They are not content with the status quo: long waiting lists, expensive or inaccesible care, all for treatments and solutions that may not work for the indiviual anyway.

Ravi's team are committed to providing personalised care, backed firmly by evidence.

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How Mental's Perspective

RCube embody everything we love about the mental health sector.

At heart, and in the boardroom, they are a mission driven company with the aim to democratise access to evidence-based mental health support.


Ravi and his team know that digital tools are the key to unlocking the issue of expensive, hard to access care. The 21st century has furnished us with the tools and research to tackle the mental health crisis, and RCube are going to use them.

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