All-in-one mental health support through Slack—where every employee gets the emotional support they need...or want.

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Get the emotional support you need and want from your employer.

Spill starts with a few questions—they spot which employees need extra emotional support by asking them four questions through Slack.

Anyone who’s struggling can then access video therapy sessions with Spill’s qualified therapists. All Spill’s counsellors and therapists are BACP (or equivalent) accredited, and receive regular supervision to ensure high-quality levels.

All Spill users also have 24-hour access to tools and content, including the “Ask a Therapist” module.

Set up Spill in three clicks:

  1. Install the Slack app

  2. Invite it to a channel

  3. Use immediately. To help make a splash, they throw in a free video launch talk.

Our story

Spill is on a mission to rid the world of unnecessary emotional pain.

Some emotional pain – like heartbreak or taking a risk and failing – can help us to learn and grow. But much of it is unnecessary: prolonged low mood, imposter syndrome, crippling social anxiety. This is the stuff that detracts from, rather than adds to, life’s richness.

Spill believes the solution to unnecessary emotional pain is already here—it just hasn’t been evenly distributed yet.

Counselling and therapy have existed for over a century, and have been shown time and again to dramatically increase emotional stability and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Spill is determined to help everyone get the emotional support they want (or need) by making it everything it’s currently not: easy to access, designed to actually be used, and 100% unintimidating.

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How Mental's Perspective

Looking for someplace to spill your story?

Spill is a Slack app, so you don’t need to go out of their way looking for support. No phone numbers, no directions buried in employee handbooks, no hurdles.

Another great thing about Spill? It lets you choose your medium. Speak to your therapist on the phone, over video chat, or by messaging them. Spill gets that different people have different communication styles, so you can talk to your therapist however you feel most comfortable.

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