The Good Mood Co

The Good Mood Co


Plant based nutrients for a wellbeing. Good mood starts with good body and mind.

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Who are we?

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We are drained. But we can feel better.

We live in polluted cities, consume pesticides and chemicals,

no matter how careful we are. Most of all, our high stress lifestyles take a huge toll on the body, knocking us off balance.

The Good Mood co have formulated a solution to low energy, lack of focus as well as poor mental and physical performance.

The recovery pack is rich with 36 plant-based active ingredients that work on 3 key aspects that govern body function and how we feel:

  • Sleep

  • Gut health

  • Cognitive function

In the course of 12 hours, 3 capsules work to improve the quality of your sleep, empower the gut, detox, energise as well as enhance mood, memory and focus.

Our story

We like to work hard, play hard and launched The Good Mood Co to achieve just that.

We are dedicated to health technology, with a focus on natural solutions, digitalising nutraceuticals, bio-hacking and lifestyle.

We engage the United Kingdom’s leading research and manufacturing facilities and medical professionals, including neurologists, nutritionists and sleepologists, to bring the power of nature to you.

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How Mental's Perspective

Sometimes life just feels like a LOT...

We all burn out, we all feel stress, we all need a bit of help every now and then. I don't know about you, but I don't want to turn to pills and medicine when I am feeling a bit off.

Enter The Good Mood Co and enter plant based nutrients. There's no need to fight stress with chemicals. Let's just give your body and mind a bit of a boost... and let's do it with a bit of PLANT POWER.

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