Private, secure, and affordable mental health care. Get help anytime, anywhere.

Who are we?

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Tokitus is an online therapy platform created to make therapy available to all.

Tokitus believe that access to emotional wellbeing should not be determined by your location, schedule, or financial situation.

They offer online counseling with professional psychologists and therapists in a safe, confidential environment. They have a simple and affordable pricing structure and their services are available in over 15 languages.

Our story

Finding the time to take care of your mental health is just as important as eating a healthy diet or exercising.

Yet for various reasons, mental health is often left neglected. You may have a busy schedule, experience general anxiety, suffer from a physical condition – there are countless factors that may turn therapy into a burden rather than a place of emotional refuge and support.

With Tokitus, therapy is delivered right at your fingertips, so that you can forget about any inconveniences and make time for yourself anytime, anywhere.

Your therapist is in a different city? No problem. Only got an hour slot over lunch? Easy.

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How Mental's Perspective

Tokitus are all about accessibility. Because taking the first step to seek therapy is hard enough as it is.

15 plus languages. 50 Euros a session. A simple quiz to connect you with the right therapist. Easy and intuitive video system...

If the Tokitus team think of any way to make their therapy even easier to access, you bet they'll make it happen. Natan, Ulvia and the team know that it's hard enough to handle the constant upheaval at the moment. They are committed to making it easy to find that extra help you need.

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