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Who are we?

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The blink team have a simple and wonderful vision.

They want to see hundreds of thousands more people receive rapid, appropriate, and effective mental health support in the UK.

Their website is a goldmine of:

  • Free online wellbeing workshops. From yoga to mindful photography, these workshops support you to build confidence and access an online community experiencing similar anxieties.

  • Products to help you practice mindfulness.

  • Partnerships with other health-based organisations

Blink support people on and offline, when they need it most. 

Our story

Mike and Nicole both had chaotic and inadequate experiences trying to access mental health support through the NHS and local authorities.

Out of their experience, blink was born.

The two founders met at a private psychiatric hospital in London. Both had gone through years of trying to access help for their mental ill-health through public healthcare systems.

The problem was, the care they received was either non-existent or ineffectual. Both made the decision to self-fund private treatment, and doing so saved their lives.

However, this had a huge financial impact.

Mike and Nicole understand that hundreds of thousands of people every year go through the same experience.

But most do not have the resources to fund their own mental health treatment.

Blink was established to support those that are asking for help – but just not getting it.

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How Mental's Perspective

When you're going through a tough time with your mental health, finding support can seem almost impossible.

You may be navigating unfamiliar systems, talking to people you don't know, juggling a thousand details - all whilst going through one of the most awful experiences of your life.

It's a system that has wide cracks that are VERY easy to fall through.

Blink want to make sure the system catches people and gets them the support they need.

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On-demand mental health support, day or night.


Self-care bullet journal with a goals mood diary & happiness tracker.


Committed to making a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK.

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