Personalised wellbeing support to help you rebuild after trauma.

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If you have experienced trauma, you're not alone.

The experience of trauma can shatter your views of the world, yourself & your relationships. It can leave you feeling like you've lost your identity & out of control. This can make navigating day-to-day life extremely challenging.

It's okay, we're here to help you.

Our smart mental wellbeing app is designed to help you rebuild & learn to manage your day-to-day mental wellbeing after trauma.

The app helps you understand how your individual beliefs, behaviours & emotions influence each other so you can gain a better sense of self, self-belief & feeling of control. It integrates your personal attributes with evidence-based approaches to help you adapt your mindset & build healthy habits.

Our story

“I was caught up in the London Bridge & Borough Market terror attack on 3rd June 2017"

"My life was completely turned upside down as I struggled with PTSD & anxiety. So many people experience the devastation of trauma but can’t get the support they need."

"Now, I am dedicated to using what I’ve learnt through my personal journey & my background in technology to enable others to get that support” – re;mind founder Freya Hickman.

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How Mental's Perspective

There is life after trauma and Freya wants to help you live it.

Freya is building a smart well-being app to help you rebuild & manage the daily impact of trauma. From our first meeting with Freya, it was clear to us she is passionate about giving life back to people who have experienced trauma.

re;mind is still early in its journey, but we can’t wait to see where Freya takes this innovative product.

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