A behaviour change tool helping you manage the habits that keep you healthy.

Who are we?

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tomo is the healthiest community on the internet and in your pocket.

We all know that its easier to form good habits and get through tough times together. Connection and love from friends and family have been key support mechanisms for millennia.

Tomo is an app that combines peer support with the evidence driven benefits of behavioural activation therapy (BAT).

Sharing photos of your daily successes, chatting with our friendly bot and accessing a growing library of resources will encourage you to make the small changes that make a huge difference.

Our story

Years ago, our co-founder Fahad set up a WhatsApp group for his family and friends to motivate him to take positive steps while struggling with his mental health.

He would share photos of the healthy things he did each day and they would respond with emoji to encourage him. Step by step he built a happier life through simple, everyday habits.

tomo is Fahad’s way of giving back to our community. He knows that simple, everyday habits build lasting change for the better.

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How Mental's Perspective

Social media gets a bad rap – arguably for good reason.

But tomo is turning the concept of digital community on its head. They are doing away with vanity: chasing likes and curating your feed.

Tomo is real community. Real connection. The kind of support that makes you feel warm and whole, not empty and vaguely jealous.

We love how tomo mix this commitment to human connection and community with scientific rigour and clinical excellence. Having supportive friends and family is amazing, but having evidence based mental health support at the same time?


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