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Who are we?

Emotions are tough. Without love and support from the world around us, we are prone to serious dysfunction.

The global pandemic and social isolation are putting our mental health at risk. It's shown us just how important it is we have a strong support network in place...

Feeliom is a new app that helps you do just that. Easily express feelings, connect with loved ones and track your wellbeing. Its unique vibration-based language makes it easy for you to:

  • Share emotions in a heartbeat.

  • Connect with your loved ones in a safe space, free of likes, followers and advertisers

  • Track your mental wellbeing over time so you can spot problems before they arise.

Our story

5 years ago, an idea changed my life…well, it was less of an idea, more of a breakdown.

I was weaving my way through the tube platform, caught up in the usual busy-ness of London, when suddenly I thought of my grandpa George.

At the time, Alzheimer’s was slowly but surely consuming his mind. He was socially isolated most of the time and, undoubtedly, depressed.

However, when we were together, we could share a profound love. Gripping his hand tight, a heartfelt kiss on the cheek, just a touch could burst a heavenly light through the darkness of our situation. It was deep.

Our lives separated by the Mediterranean Sea, social media felt far too shallow to channel such a powerful connection…

Tears streaming down my face in the middle of the desolate London Underground, I knew I had to do something to support him.

So, I started developing ‘Feeliom’: A mobile app that emulates our sense of touch through technology, using vibrations to help us share love.

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How Mental's Perspective

It's only rarely that you feel a real connection through your phone.

A 3 hour phonecall from an old friend, a video call with a faraway aunt and your new baby niece and... we're out of ideas. You can add to that short list a hug from your Dad through Feeliom. That feeling of warmth, of comfort - knowing you are safe and loved. Unbeatable*

*except for by a fist-bump from ya sis.  

Tried it? Let us know what you think...

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