Feelmo helps you better identify, understand and communicate your feelings.

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Who are we?

Feelings contain vital information that help us make sense of our world. 

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to get caught up with life and forget to pause and understand what our feelings are trying to tell us. That's where Feelmo comes in:

  • The extensive vocabulary of feeling words help you find the most precise words to describe your feelings

  • Personalized Reflect Questions and Activities help you probe and organize your feelings deeper so 

  • Our customized Self-Care Recommendations suggest scientifically backed activities and coping strategies 

Feelmo is still in beta but we'd love your support in developing Feelmo into a truly transformational service. Many of our users say that Feelmo helps them feel more calm and content. What comes up for you? 

Our story

Feelmo is the result of my struggle with understanding my feelings.

I thought I was a rational person who "didn't do feelings". Two rough breakups and a bad burnout taught me the hard way how wrong I was.

Through my therapy sessions, I learned that I  had feelings but that I had difficulties identifying, understanding and communicating them. My partner gave me a piece of paper with a bunch of feeling words to choose from and this simple solution provided immediate and immense relief.  I could understand what I was feeling and I could communicate it.

Walking around with a piece of paper in my pocket didn't seem particularly convenient... and the idea of Feelmo was born.

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How Mental's Perspective

Isn't it weird how you can know exactly what to say to your friends, but have no idea how to support your own feelings?

Feelmo tackles this issue head on. We should be our own best friend. We should dedicate time and energy to identifying, understanding, forgiving and cherishing our feelings. The world needs to learn to embrace their feelings. This is a great place to start...

Tried it? Let us know what you think...

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