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Who are we?

Monday State of Mind is the weekly e-newsletter of news, tech, tools and tips to help people and businesses maintain their mental wellbeing.

Read devotedly by those involved in what businesses and tech are doing for their mental health, and anybody looking to improve their own - MSOM features the latest news on technological innovations, apps and products, ideas for improving wellbeing in the workplace, awareness raising campaigns and some Monday morning motivation, to set you and your mind up for the week.

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Our story

Monday State of Mind is curated and produced by me - Rich Goddard - a personal development coach, business consultant and all-round ambassador for our minds.

Having spent my career between the corporate and tech worlds, dealing with some of the psychological challenges that come with burnout, entrepreneurial ventures and an always-switched-on world, my goal with Monday State of Mind is to encourage the power of business and technology to change the way society understands and deals with mental health; to stimulate a greater understanding of ourselves, our minds, emotions and how we interact with one another.

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How Mental's Perspective

Rich is a one man community hub, driving connection across the mental health universe - and giving savvy business leaders insight into the sector.

For anyone who has received MSOM you'll know what we mean when we say this newsletter has heart. Sure, it is packed full of useful news, links and updates from all corners of the mental health world.

But it's so much more than that.

A weekly update from Rich on a Monday is like a warm cup of coffee, mixed with a quick catch up with a wise old friend, whilst watching a news update curated entirely for you.

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