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Perspective Project


A charity giving artists, poets and writers a platform to share their perspective on their mental health.

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Who are we?

Perspective Project is a charity tackling the stigma around mental health through art and creativity. 

They provide a therapeutic, creative outlet for those affected by mental health conditions, highlighting different perspectives on mental health to the wider public.

From exhibitions and gallery showings, to pop-up multimedia events and open mic nights - Perspective Project are committed to sparking creative conversations around mental health. 

Our story

Many people working in the mental health sector that we speak to share the same broad ambition; a world in which self-care and care for others is the default setting.

A society that treats mental health seriously. A society in which people are not afraid to speak out about their mental health, and when they do they are able to find treatment that is affordable and accessible.

Perspective Project is all about creating better understanding and empathy, and eradicating self-stigma and societal stigma. Art is a fantastic tool for conveying emotion and sharing stories – and therefore can be a powerful tool for tackling stigma. 

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How Mental's Perspective

Yes, mental health is medical. But that doesn't mean we can't be creative.

Making someone sit down and read a medical journal is almost impossible. It is so important, however, that more people understand the true impact of mental health. This is where art, music, poetry, writing, theatre, comedy come into play. 

Art is a powerful tool for conveying emotion. But what is more powerful is giving that tool to everyone. Perspective Project don't subscribed to the stuffy elitism of the art world. For them, creativity is for the people - regardless of their "talent" or the "quality" of their output.

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