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The people and organisations changing the way we support people struggling with their mental health.

We are a growing, global community of organisations committed to making mental health accessible to all.


The "Spotify for mindfulness”, an Apple-award winning app used by millions to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and sleep better. 

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Feeliom helps you protect your mental wellbeing by simply staying in touch


Start an audio timeline of your life & track burnout. Encrypted & easy-to-share voice notes.

Living Ashram

Whole human health made simple. Removing the guesswork, overwhelm, and wasted effort from the quest for well-being - in one simple app.

Monday State of Mind

News on developments in the mental health space straight to your inbox!


Instant relief from stress and anxiety using safe and effective exercises.

Wit and Reason

A mental health practice providing telehealth, curated wellness events, and consultation to improve lives and communities.


A behaviour change tool helping you manage the habits that keep you healthy.


Manipulating sound waves to treat symptoms and improve well-being. 


Feelmo helps you better identify, understand and communicate your feelings.


Your online psychiatry & therapy office. Modern mental health care from the comfort of home.

Lucid Lane

Empowering people to prevent and stop anxiety, pain, medication and substance dependency.

Perspective Project

A charity giving artists, poets and writers a platform to share their perspective on their mental health.



Personalised wellbeing support to help you rebuild after trauma.

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