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How to be a Mental Organisation

As an organisation, we are a hive of people working together in the pursuit of something bigger. Human endeavour personified and translated into thoughts, feelings and actions...

Oh, your organisation makes toilet roll? Well, that’s COOL! Whatever you do is cool with me! Whether you’re a school, university, workplace or anything else: You are a COMMUNITY and that is a powerful thing.

Of course, we all want to be productive. But we often forget (and shame the fact) that our wellbeing is KEY to making us as productive as we can be. That’s why I founded How Mental.

As Mental Organisations, we stand up for our wellbeing and other people’s by creating a culture with mental health at its core. We are the winds that fuel How Mental ;), the biggest movement of people and organisations around the world on a mission to make wellbeing the global priority. #TheMentalMovement ✊🌍❤️🧠

Ready to be a Mental Organisation?! *Virtual High 5* Here are 7 ways to do it! 😍

1. Take care of yourself 🥰

Taking care of other people starts by taking care of YOU! Whether you’re the Head of People, Head Teacher, Student or Employee - if you’re not well, you can’t talk about or support anyone else effectively - let alone credibly!

If you’re not sure how to do that or need a helping hand, don’t worry boo - we got you! Check out my article for Madvocates here for an overview of all the different ways we can help you stand up for mental health, starting with your own. 😘

2. Care for your people! 👌

Whether it’s our socials, our newsletter or even just sharing our website - giving your people a continuous feed of mental health support makes it EASY for them to remember and prioritise their wellbeing. Want a helping hand spreading the word? Just let us know by emailing hello@howmental.com. We can send you a special email template to help!

3. Let's run a campaign together! 📣

Mental health doesn't have to be boring! The mind is an incredible thing and it deserves to be talked about in an ENGAGING way!

Let’s see if we can come up with a creative way to spread the word about it together! The possibilities are really endless - whether it's making some Merch together, running an event or making something entirely new from scratch! We are here for it allll!

4. Need some advice? We've got you! 💪

Creating a culture of mental health and wellbeing at work is NOT easy! Every organisation is different with unique needs (just like us individually!).

We've been supporting people and organisations in this field for over a decade and cultivated a network of partners across the sector so. We KNOW all the pitfalls and don't want you to make the same mistakes as those before us! If you need a listening ear or a helping hand let us know and we'll be sure to help you in whatever way we can.

5. Make us your charity partner! 😎

We do our best to make mental health support accessible. That means giving lots of things away for free. The truth is, if we didn't do it, so many people simply wouldn't get any help at all...

With so much more to do and so many more people to help - we know we can't do this alone! Wanna support us on our journey? You can donate money, skills or services (basically anything!) so we can grow. Just email hello@howmental.com to start the conversation!

6. Email signatures…yes, really! 😝

We all interact with people via email every single day. Well, not all of us, but most of us! So, instead of just saying “I hope you’re well”, show people you MEAN it by adding a lil link to How Mental so they know where to go if they ever need support.

7. Connect us with potential collaborators 🥳

Whether it’s just a tag on socials or, ideally, an email introducing us to the right person to make action HAPPEN - connecting the dots is super important to supporting more people and creating a mentally healthy society. So, we’d be beyond happy to meet anyone you think we could do a mental collab with!

That includes other organisations, creators, anyone and everyone you think genuinely cares (or should care!) about mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve even got a short presentation we can send you about HM to help you explain it to non-madvocates (normalcates? We’ll work on that one…)

Remember, if you want to know how to Madvocate more generally, click here for all the ways to stand up for your wellbeing and support others.

With heart, always <3

George, Founder of How Mental

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George Taktak