How Mental brings together advocates and organisations committed to mental health across different industries and sectors.


We want to make mental health solutions accessible to everyone.

Just a handful of the people making a difference in mental health

Our Values


We unite the voices of individuals and organisations committed to improving mental health.


We bring together organisations pushing the boundaries across an array of sectors. Because no single service is the answer.


We act with purpose and speak with passion. A modern, inclusive narrative is vital for reaching people and dismantling the barriers to change.

Meet the Team

George Taktak

George has been with How Mental from the beginning.


He turned is passion for mental wellbeing into one of the largest communities for positive mental health out there.


George is passionate about the potential for mental wellbeing to radically realign society with what we care for most, and technology’s ability to catalyse this change.

George is the founder of Feeliom, an app designed to care for your wellbeing by staying in touch with yourself and your loved ones.

Mark Anscombe

Mark met George in 2019 and did not hesitate to throw himself into How Mental. 

He has been working or volunteering in mental health since 2013, with a focus on giving individuals supportive spaces to open up about their mental health.

Mark is the founder of Perspective Project, a charity tackling mental health stigma through art and creativity.

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